elev8te is a literary and creative arts program that introduces participants to the cultural, historical, and political impact of six global Black Arts Movements. elev8te introduces participants to a near century-long tradition of Black Arts and artists (i.e., writers, poets, visual & performing artists) who developed and used art to transform themselves and society. These global Black artists were visionaries who leveraged art to channel literacy, social justice, critical remembering, historical recovery, institution-building, education, and cultural expression.

 elev8te participants explore and learn about Black Arts aesthetic philosophy, explore its historical and contemporary importance, develop and deepen their intellectual and artistic sensibilities, and enhance their academic, SEL, and cultural competencies.

 Leveraging Africana Heritage Knowledge and Arts-based, Culturally Insistent Pedagogy

elev8te expands the creative horizons and aesthetic sensibilities of participants by introducing them to:

  • culturally and historically significant literature, arts movements, and artists;
  • situate the arts as a counter-narrative to reclaim and teach a usable past;
  • build global awareness and community; understand the link between art and activism;
  • enhance cultural, aesthetic, and "emergent urban" (Kinloch, 2014; Shor, 2002) literacies;
  • develop and deepen the academic, aesthetic, and cultural literacies among participants;
  • develop and deepen social studies and map literacy among participants;
  • improve interpersonal skills and encourage creative self-expression among participants;
  • encourage deeper and sustained appreciation for the arts, critical inquiry, and the social-emotional benefits of the arts and arts-based instruction.

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