My research interests and areas of expertise are situated within three interrelated zones of inquiry, interrogation, research, teaching, and service:

Africana/Black Intellectual Tradition

The first zone involves my deep exploration and leveraging of Africana Heritage Knowledge, cultural memory/remembrance (Sankofa), teacher mastery (Jegna), cultural stewardship and connoisseurship (Jali), the Black Radical Tradition, and Africana-informed theorizing, methodology, and praxis.

Education for Liberation

The second zone refers to my research and writing on, teaching of, and deep-thought interrogations of Global Black Arts Movements, Critical Media Literacy, Black literary genealogies, culturally-insistent arts pedagogy, and art as A.R.T. (A Revolutionary Tool for social justice and transformation).

Arts Learning & Pedagogy

The third zone involves deep exploration and leveraging of Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy, Reflective Teaching, educational equity, and social and racial justice in all areas of education.