I am a tireless and curious learner and seek to inspire this same spirit of inquiry in my students. I seek to inspire and motivate students to become self-conscious agents of their own education and intellectual development. I share and convey my teaching philosophy, pedagogical vision, and commitment to communities of learners and scholars.

 My teaching philosophy encompasses, promotes, and builds upon five areas:


1.This dimension of my teaching philosophy draws upon pedagogical themes that attempt to situate learners as self-conscious agents of their own education.

Culturally Informed Principles

2. This dimension of my teaching philosophy locates, centers, and esteems the role of culture in education and pedagogy. In this light, cultural memory/remembrance, as well as culturally inclusive and sustaining content and instructional practices drive every aspect of education.

Critical Inquiry

3. This dimension of my teaching philosophy inspires students to acquire new ways of seeing, perceiving, imagining, expressing, comprehending, valuing, and meaning-making. The goal is to leverage students’ curiosity and inquiry to achieve educational experiences that are more reflexive, expansive, richer, diverse, and qualitatively meaningful.

Ethical Aesthetic

4. This dimension of my teaching philosophy encourages respect for students, teachers, and for the educational process itself. By promoting and practicing respect, educational stakeholders construct a more connected and purposeful humanity.

Ethos of Compassion and Collective Engagement

5.  This component of my educational philosophy draws heavily upon models promoted by educators/social change agents Carter G. Woodson, Marva Collins, W.E.B. Du Bois, John Henrik Clarke, and Barbara Sizemore. Such models emphasize social/racial justice, equity, democratic engagement, and the Black Intellectual Tradition. Hence, I favor dynamics that promote educational experiences that are rich, reflective, and rooted in a framework that celebrates and sustains the indomitable beauty of the individual and community spirit.

I emphasize an approach to education that allows us to carefully examine and appreciate the immense tapestry of experiences, voices, cultures, and traditions. My teaching philosophy reflects my fundamental faith in the ability of human beings to seek and sustain purpose in their lives.

 I am deeply sensitive to the tragic silencing of voices, stories, and histories of marginalized populations in many segments of society. My teaching philosophy recognizes and reflects deep appreciation of the sentient, cultural genealogy (history, memory, meanings, traditions, culture, art) and accumulated folk experiences of people of African ancestry.